10 March 2011

Keeping an electronic library of on-board documentation

One of the great uses for using a tablet is for reading documentation. I've currently got 7 binders full of documentation on board. Most, if not all, of that material is available online.
At the moment I've got 204 PDF manuals relevant to things that I use on board available on my iPad.

I am using Dropbox to accomplish that. If you haven't experienced Dropbox you are missing out. They have clients for Windows, Linux, OS X, Android and iOS, so it is more than likely that all your devices are covered. Once you install it on at least two of them it is super easy to sync files between your connected devices. The free service covers 2 GB, which is plenty for personal documents, and you get more if you refer others.

The way that Dropbox is works is that it uploads anything that you put into your personal dropbox folder to the cloud (Amazon S3, to be precise). That means your files are backed up as well! Your devices then sync to the cloud; this means there are no nasty firewalls to set up or anything like that, and that these files are "always available". Very cool...

If you are interested please click here to install it; this will give me an extra 250 MB of storage.