31 December 2010

Are you unable to find the website for Expedition navigation software?

I recently attempted to download an update to the awkwardly named but excellent Expedition navigation software written by Nick White. Apparently Nick was getting a little bored with running a website, as the former site at the original site www.iexpedition.org is no longer in existence. At the time I was redirected to the new distributor, Tasman Bay Navigation Systems.

Today I was looking up that new address for a different post I was making, and noticed that iexpedition.org is now no longer in function and has been clobbered by one of those domain squatters.

For that purpose I am writing this post in the hope that you may find the new site for Expedition software more easily at: Tasman Bay Navigation Software.


  1. I keep hear interesting things about Expedition, but man are they secretive. Very little information and no way to contact the company or a forum for discussions with users.

    Can you do a little review, comparing it Nobeltec maybe?


  2. svDeepPlaya, that's a great idea. I'l put this on my to-do list.