07 September 2010

Packetlogger update: PGN list complete, Linux version available

I'm back from finishing a boat, testing it by sailing to Denmark and then showing it at the HISWA boat show.

Now is the time to catch up with my backlog here. Let's start off with an update to the packetlogger utility. The new 'Summer 2010' release out now has a ton of improvements.

You can download the packetlogger here.

The improvements made are:
  • The code now knows about all official PGNs as the NMEA has released the complete list of PGNs and field descrioptions. Unfortunately, that list does not contain field sizes, lookup values or other information but it still helped a lot with my understanding some of the PGNs.
  • Linux binaries are included for x86. It was compiled on a Debian 5 release, so it should run on all recent Linux distributions. The Linux port also includes an Actisense NGT-1 reader, which was developed with the kind support of Actisense.
  • The code now understands PGNs with repeating fields a lot better. Some PGNs have a variable list of fields, with the last few fields repeating a number of times.
  • Add a json option to the analyzer so the output can be fed to web-oriented languages such as Perl, PHP and Javascript with ease.
  • Log the manufacturer for all manufacturer specific PGNs.
  • Remove explicit empty PGNs that we only knew the manufacturer for.
  • Verified that the Mastervolt NMEA 2000 interface is compatible.

This should keep many folks happy for a while. Keep the feedback coming, by private email is fine if you don't want to show up here.


  1. Kees: Grea to see this update. We'll have to tweak OpenSkipper to read the new XML format for the repeating fields.

    How confident are you now in your message definitions?


  2. See my new post dated today.