13 September 2010

Packetlogger update for Raymarine E-80, Lowrance EP-80R

Thanks to some enterprising folks I received a few log files from other equipment such as a Raymarine E-80 and this has resulted in another release of the packetlogger programs and database.

Some data analysis of the logs enabled me to fix the field lengths and types of a number of PGNs, like the Set & Drift data, add Lowrance specific PGNs 65285 and 130817 as sent out by a EP-80R, and confirm a number of PGNs are correct. As a result a lot more PGNs are now considered 'complete'. That means there is a high probability they are now decoded completely and fully.

You can download the latest packetlogger release at the usual place.

Keep those log files coming! I'm especially interested in logs from new equipment such as the latest generation of MFDs from Raymarine and ANY logs from Furuno and Garmin equipment.

And on a side note, be careful if you expect a Lowrance EP-80R temperature probe to interoperate with non-Lowrance equipment. Based on the data I received, there is at least one version out there (with firmware release LA53D dated 2/7/2007 10:47:53 AM) that does not transmit the NMEA standard PGN for temperature, but only a Lowrance PGN. If you intend to interoperate, make sure you get one that you can return if it is not satisfactory. Hopefully this problem has been fixed in a later firmware release.

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