09 September 2010

Lowrance Sonic Hub & HDS 3.5 software update

Lowrance released a software update, v3.5. This provides SonicHub (the new Navico sound system) support and various smaller improvements.

Read all about it here: Lowrance HDS 3.5 update.

I'm not satisfied with the audio setup in our deckhouse, and now I need to choose between adding an audio card to the permanently running Linux box & integrating AirPlay, a MP3 player and other software -- or just install a SonicHub.

+ Works out-of-the-box with iPod/iPad.
+ Chartplotter is 'on' during sailing anyway.
- No 'remote' app beyond controlling iPod/iPad.
- Unknown power consumption in real life.

+ Allows audio warnings from system monitor.
+ Allows any iTunes to stream via AirPlay (once the community implements this)
+ Remote control possible, in future maybe even easy.
- More work for me.
- Unknown power consumption in real life.

All in all, I think I'll opt for the build-it-myself option (again) as it is more fun that way. It also works better when the boat isn't sailing & the HDS is off.

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