30 January 2010

Cool new way to control & monitor navigation data

I've just come across this incredibly cool new development kit that has wonderful capabilities when applied to a marine market.

It's the Texas Instruments eZ430 Chronos wireless watch development tool. This is a development tool that includes a sports watch with a wireless connection to a PC.

Three simple marine applications that come to mind:

  • Show navigation data such as Speed Over Ground, Wind Speed etc. etc. on your wrist.
  • Control your auto-pilot (via NMEA 2000).
  • Act as a Man Over Board detection device.

The possibilities are endless as they say.


  1. Very interesting. Reading the Wiki page it's unclear what if any additional radio hardware would be needed to transfer data (like, say, NMEA2000 data) from a PC to the watch.

  2. The kit comes with a USB dongle called an "Access Point" that does the communication.