06 August 2009

General fixes for packetlogger

Here is another release of the packetlogger suite.

Bug fixes:
- Better operation with fields that are stored in non-8-bit quantities.
- Fixed long format reading -- e.g. all data generated by Airmar WeatherCaster and actisense-reader. This fixes the issues with PGN 129029 and others.
- Fixed geographical positions on southern and western hemispheres.

New features:
- Allow explanation of understood NMEA 2000 data fields and records (PGNs) in XML format (by request).
- Allow insight into which bits and bytes are used for which field (-debug option).
- Allow output of geographical coordinates in DD, DM and DMS formats. DD format can be sent straight to Google Maps (-geo dd|dm|dms option).
- Include vcredist_x86.exe for those running older Microsoft Windows versions that don't have the requisite files. Run vcredist_x86.exe when you have trouble running actisense-reader and/or lawicel-reader.

- You still need to install the Actisense or Lawicel device drivers, these are not included. Nothing is needed to run analyzer.exe by itself.

Download here:

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