05 May 2009

Lowrance HDS 8 power usage

Finally had a chance to hook up parts of the new NMEA 2000 kit to the power meter.

Running standalone (with no external sensors) the new Lowrance HDS 8 uses the following amount of power:

Standby ('off')0.4 W
Booting (display 100% backlight)14 W
Standby5.0 W
Chart display (brightness = 1, backlight off)5.0 W
brightness = 25.0 W (usable at night)
brightness = 3 5.1 W
brightness = 55.7 W (usable in cloudy day)
brightness = 88.9 W
brightness = 1013.3 W (max, very bright even in sun)

Enabling the sonar added 2 to 3 Watt. In fact the sensor usage is the only difference between Standby and running with the backlight very low or off.

This was all measured at the wall plug using a laptop AC to 12 V DC converter and a Voltcraft Energy Check 3000. Actual power use measured at the DC input should be about 15% lower still.

All in all I am extremely satisfied with this new plotter -- Excellent functionality, great NMEA 2000 interfacing, great screen, cheap charts, all for a very reasonable price. I got mine from JG Tech in the UK.

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